About Us

Our Angel Foundation is a nonprofit that advocates for handicapped dogs.


The foundation was inspired by our family's amazing handicapped dog, named Angel, who passed away suddenly in March of 2019.  In the short time that our family was blessed to have her, she changed our lives.


We want to inspire others to find out how incredible handicapped dogs can be by fostering and adopting.  We also want to support those who are currently caring for handicapped dogs by providing resources and information that is relevant to your dog's special needs.

Our Angel Foundation began as a Facebook page named "Our Angel".  It was created on August 6th, 2017 to share the joys that Angel brought to our family.  The page shared photos, videos, and stories about Angel and her day to day life.  Since Angel's passing, the page has been repurposed to represent the foundation and can be visited here: Our Angel Foundation

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Our Angel Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity.

All donations to Our Angel Foundation are tax-deductible under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code regarding charitable donations.

Our Angel Foundation is run by a small team of volunteers who want our organization to remain honest and sincere.

To do so, all aspects of the organization will always be available here on our website.

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