Our Mission


We want to educate dog lovers about special needs dogs.  It is important that the daily care requirements be described along with the rewards.  Before we had Angel, we would have said that we weren't prepared to take care of a dog like her.  We would have thought that we didn’t have the expertise, the time, the patience, the ability, and we had too many dogs already.  We learned that not only were we able to care for her but that it was the best thing we have ever done.  The rewards far surpassed the additional care that she required.  We want to encourage other dog lovers to adopt and foster these dogs.



Special needs dogs have more medical and equipment costs than the average dog.  Rescues and adopters need funds for them.  So our goal is to seek grants and hold fundraisers in order to provide funds to assist these dogs.



We want to empower owners of special needs dogs by providing resources and links to groups, equipment, and information.  We would like to be able to connect people throughout the world to other owners as well as to provide resources in a user-friendly format. 



Our Objective:

There are many dogs that are handicapped due to the inhumane conditions in other parts of the world.  While there is nothing wrong with handicapped dogs, it is not okay to cause a dog to become handicapped.


A lack of spaying and neutering due to societal norms, poverty, and lack of education have resulted in a worldwide epidemic of over pet population.  This causes many dogs to be harmed through car accidents, beatings, shootings, poisonings, hangings, and untreated diseases.


As the foundation grows we would like to contribute to scientists and veterinarians as they work to develop nonsurgical sterilization options.  A food-based or injectable sterilization method would enable field workers to economically and humanely reduce the worldwide population and alleviate the suffering.

We aim to spread awareness about spaying and neutering in order to reduce the number of dogs that go unloved, therefore reducing the number of dogs that become handicapped through abuse and neglect.  We hope that one day, no dog is homeless.

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