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Max (In Need of Foster)

From: Cause 4 Paws Toronto. Max is about 2-3 years old. He was examined in Serbia after being hit by a car and they say he will never be able to walk again. He has a wheelchair and wears diapers. He's also good with both dogs and cats.

Max will become part of our family with the support of Our Angel Foundation!  We will personally be fostering Max.

Starsky (In Need of Foster)

From: Cause 4 Paws Toronto.  She has had one of her back legs amputated and cannot walk.  She loves everyone including children, dogs, and cats.

Starsky will be the first dog to become part of our family with the support of Our Angel Foundation!  We will personally be fostering Starsky in May, but she still needs some help on her journey to us.  Our Angel Foundation would like to help Starsky receive neurological testing and rehab, along with a wheelchair.

Merle (In Need of Foster)

From: Mannered Mutts Rescue.  He has a chronic skin condition which has made him so sensitive that his collar makes him bleed.  The shelter has done blood work and all has been negative, including tests for mange.  They have arranged for specialists to test him for allergies and are committed to helping him with his chronic skin problems and finding him a furever home. They have gotten a sponsor for his shots and neutering. Thanks to your generous donations to Our Angel Foundation (OAF), we were able to give $500 toward his care.

Cinderella (In Need of Home)

From: A Good Dog Rescue. She’s a 3-year-old Egyptian Baladi. She was likely hit by a car in Egypt. Her spine was severed in several spots and has fused, she is not a candidate for surgery. She takes a while to warm up to people and is dog selective. Cinderella would love a good home without cats.

Guinness (In Need of Home)

From: A Good Dog Rescue. He is a 4-year-old pit mix. When he was 5 weeks old he was found covered in chemical burns. His eyes needed to be removed and his nose and feet are disfigured. He was placed in a home and lived there between 2-3 years. They gave him up for biting. A Good Dog Rescue took him in when he was removed from his home. He has lived in a foster home for a year but is still looking for a forever home.

Monty (Has a Home!)

From: Cause 4 Paws Toronto.  He's a Canaan who was born in February 2019 and weighs about 40lbs.  His Xrays don't show it, but Monty cannot use his back legs and is incontinent.  He loves everyone, from dogs to people.  He is trusting and patient which makes it easy to care for him.  Monty is from Saudi Arabia and cannot get the medical help he needs.  His rescue wants to transport him to Toronto to have him see a specialist and go to rehab.  With how young he is, he may learn to walk again! 

Elena (Has a Home!)

From: Cause 4 Paws Toronto.  Elena was hit by a car and cannot use her rear legs.  Thanks to your donations, she now has a home and brand new wheels from Eddie's Wheels.

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